2018 Blog Comparison

So you’ve decided to start a new blog. Congratulations!

The popularity of blogging is at an all-time high and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you are starting a personal blog or a business blog, it is important to review your options and make sure you make the best decisions when starting your blog.


Creating a blog requires time and effort. It is important that you choose a blog platform that makes it as easy as possible for your to create the perfect blog. Setting up your blog is not very complicated but with so many blog platforms and hosting providers it’s an absolute must that you do your research and read reviews from the blog community. We’ve compiled reviews from many of the web’s top WordPress experts, including the BlogCost experts, to present you with the 2018 Blog Comparison Chart.

WordPress requires PHP Version 7 or greater and MySQL Version 5.6 or greater, which all of the primary hosting providers listed below meet or exceed. Each of the hosts mentioned in the 2018 Blog Comparison Chart offer 1-click install options for WordPress. Before we review the hosting companies, let’s quickly review the

Comparing the Different Types of WordPress Web Hosting Options

Shared WordPress Hosting

For beginners and those still exploring the robust features of WordPress, Shared hosting is far and away the most popular. It is the most economical and is the ideal starting point for many blog owners. Essentially, shared hosting means multiple websites are sharing the same server. The server load is balanced across a multitude of websites it allows server resources to be allocated efficiently and cost-effectively.

Shared hosting is generally recommended by experts for small businesses and for blog owners who are creating a new website.

WordPress VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a virtual machine created through partioning a physical server into multiple server machines. While you are still sharing the server with other customers, VPS hosting gives you practically as much contral as a dedicated server would. There are increased privacy benefits and the ability to run software on the server itself. For those who want the privacy of VPS hosting without the added IT managment concerns, managed VPS hosting may be for you. Managed VPS means that the hosting provider will manage system upgrades along the way on your behalf.

WordPress Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting you’re leasing a physical server from the hosting provider. Dedicated hosting provides the site owner with the ability to make additional choices such as which operating system and hardware to use. Dedicated hosting is generally used only by high-traffic blogs due to the cost. New bloggers will likely not need to start off with Dedicated hosting; but once traffic increases it may be an option worth considering. If you don’t have much experience with servers and system administration you may want to consider Managed WordPress hosting. Managed hosting provides software updates and server monitoring services.

Managed WordPress Hosting

With the rapid rise in sites using WordPress, several hosting providers are now offering Managed WordPress hosting. The benefit of these hosting services is they provide all of the necessary management your site requires, including optimizing performance, monitoring security, and administering site updates. But these premium services from WordPress experts come at a higher price compared with managing your own WordPress website. But if you can justify the higher expense you can rest assured knowing you have a team of WordPress experts behind your site 24/7. We recommend WPEngine for Managed WordPress Hosting.

So now that we’ve reviewed the various hosting options it’s time to go ahead and pick a hosting provider for your blog. The experts at BlogCost have set up hundreds of blogs and fully recommend each of the following WordPress hosting providers. Each of these companies is an established leader and receives 5-star rating from our experts.

No matter which of these hosts you choose, you can be assured that you are getting top-notch hosting at reasonable prices. Our experts have experience building WordPress sites with more than 20 different hosting providers and these five hosts stand above the rest. We recommend these hosting providers again and again because they are industry leaders in hosting products and services and their pricing is highly competitive.

Best 2018 WordPress Web Hosting Providers



Bluehost is the largest name in WordPress hosting for a reason. Since 1996 Bluehost has been providing top-notch hosting with 24/7 live support. They are endorsed as an official WordPress recommended hosting provider and are frequently ranked at the top of lists comparing hosting providers. Free website builder offer 1000’s of templates with 1-click installation. Currently offering 63% off exclusively for BlogCost readers.



HostGator is one of the most popular web hosts in the entire industry. More than 8 million websites are hosted on HostGator and for good reason; 1-click installation, 99.9% up-time guarantee, and  24/7 support are just a few of the benefits. Frequently ranked as the best affordable web hosting platform on the market. HostGator offers a free domain name and unmetered bandwidth. They offer a useful free website builder with more than 4,000 free templates to choose from and a full 45-day money back refund guarantee.



InMotion is known for providing reliable business-class hosting to website owners across the board. Whether you a new WordPress blogger or an experienced developer, InMotion represents an excellent option for hosting services. With 99.99% up-time, free data backups, and award-winning US-based customer service; you can feel confident knowing that InMotion will provide the optimized hosting services you need. Currently offering 57% off exclusively to BlogCost readers, with a free domain name and free SSL.



A2Hosting offers several value-add services that other hosts require you to pay for. Free Cloudflare CDN is included with your site in addition to SSD speed boost, and optimized caching.  Whether you are using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or another CMS, A2Hosting always provides highly optimized performance with the latest industry tools. Offering 51% off exclusively to BlogCost readers.



Dreamhost has a reputation for making web hosting as easy as it can possibly be. Through their custom dashboard website owners can utilize features such as 1-click installation, automatic updates, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and free SSDs. Dreamhost provides WordPress hosting for more than 600,000 websites. Currently offering BlogCost readers a free domain and 40% off.

In 2018, our experts have evaluated and tested more than 20 different website hosting providers. When we refer a client to a website hosting provider we want to feel 100% confident that we are recommending the best in the business. Each of these five hosting companies have earned the highest ratings by providing exceptional performance at a good value.