Make Money From Affiliate Links

One of the primary ways to monetize your blog is through the use of Affiliate Links. Whether or not you have been an affiliate before, it is important to periodically review your blog and locate places where an affiliate link may be appropriate.


The key to affiliate links is to seamlessly introduce them into your blog so as to not take away from the experience of blog visitor. If the links are for highly relevant, unique products it can add to the experience of visiting a blog. If there are too many affiliate links in a blog it takes away from the blog’s feeling of authenticity.

Affiliate are a tried and true way to monetize your blog. Especially for new blog owners, affiliate links allow you to start bringing income relatively quickly and to scale it up as you attract a larger audience. Several other affiliate options may present themselves down the road once you’ve developed audience recognition and a steady growth in traffic.


Affiliate Programs and Referral Links

Even if you’ve never signed up as an affiliate partner for a company, chances are you’ve clicked on an affiliate link on a website and you may not have even known it. Affiliates earn commissions on qualifying revenue from referrals they deliver to online businesses. You may be surprised about how many affiliate programs there are out there. The key is to maintain an affiliate relationship with companies whose products align seamlessly with your blog. When the affiliate links are for trendy, useful products they can actually add to the experience of visiting a website. Too many affiliate links and it looks like you’re fishing for a commission and trust is lost. Finding that perfect balance how to incorporate affiliate links into your website will allow you start bringing in income.

Affiliate Opportunities

With so many different affiliate programs and a variety of structures, you must take the time to review the fine print and select only the affiliate partners that have objectives that align with those of your blog, while also having generous high commission payouts.

With a company like Amazon, commission payouts aren’t as generous because there is such a wide variety of products. Affiliate commission payouts for Amazon range from 4% up to 8.5% depending on the number of sales the affiliate partner generates in a given month. 1 to 6 sales is a commission of 4% of the price. 7 to 30 sales ups the commission rate to 6%, 31 to 110 earns 6.5%, 111 to 320 is 7%, 321 to 620 is 7.5%, 1571 to 3130 is 8%, and sell more than 3131 products and you’ll earn a respectably nice 8.5% commission payout.


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