BlogCost Proprietary Website Comparison Platform

What is the BlogCost Proprietary Website Comparison Platform?

The BlogCost Proprietary Website Comparison Platform is an important tool we use to make analyze web hosts and make recommendations. This is one aspect of our business that sets us apart from the group of sites who make an attempt at earning affiliate income by repurposing content online or using press reviews to fill up a blog review website with content. There is a big difference between having experts who are actively using all of the products and services on the market versus websites that create content based on keywords and affiliate links rather than actual knowledge and in-depth experience.


The BlogCost Proprietary Website Comparison Platform uses a variety of different metrics and key performance indicators to accurately guage what type of performance a website hosting platform is actually delivering for their customers, not what they “claim” to deliver in their marketing materials. The testing results and performance data are updated monthly and then compiled and compared to see how each hosting provider stacks up to the competition using accurate, verifiable data.

There are three primary categories of third-party tools that our experts use to constantly monitor performance quality and ultimately narrow down our recommendations to just a handful of companies. These categories are:

Page Speed Monitoring (Pingdom)

Page Speed Monitoring ensure your page loads on time, every time with deep analysis of every single site element (HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc.). Our experts use identical sample websites installed on the servers of each hosting provider. Through monitoring and analyzing the page speed data, we can accurately compare performance indicators of each web hosting platform. We use page speed tools such as Pingdom, SpeedCurve, and StatusCake to get the data we need. Page load speed can be a very important factor in the amount of time and attention that a visitor dedicates to your website.

Load Testing Software (Load Impact)

Having a fast website is a key to developing a successful online presence. A slow web site will increase your bounce rate, reduce your search engine ranking & reduce conversion rates. These factors can certainly negatively affect the bottom line. We use Load Impact to . Being able to assure quality and performance optimization is becoming an increasingly critical component when trying to attract website visitors. Load testing involves putting simulated user demand on software a website in in order to test behavior in a variety of conditions. Understanding how each website host handles increased simulated user demand allows us to determine how a site will handle a sudden increase in web traffic.

Hosting Server Speed (Bitcatcha)

In addition to monitoring website page speed, it’s equally important to monitor website host speed from various locations around the globe. A host server speed tool like Bitcatcha produces reports on the response time of the hosting servers based on site requests from around the world.



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