Best WordPress Themes

An important step in the process of starting your blog is to make sure that the theme you choose will be able to accompdate the vision you have for your site. With so many themes out there, it’s often not worth trying to do too many customizations to a theme. If you find youself needing to do a lot of customizations, you can may want yo double check to make sure there isn’t a different WordPress Theme that will better meet your needs and help you get your site up and running as smoothly as possible.


Using an organization chart can help with brainstorming about the structure you want your website to have. Make sure you’re planned out what your primary categories are and how the secondary categories fit in. It’s not always as easy as it sounds!

There are free WordPress Themes and Premium WordPress themes. With so many hundreds of great themes in the marketplace, it can take some time to align your website goals with your WordPress theme’s capabilities. BlogCost, for example, is built on the Automattic theme called Apostrophe 2. We like to keep the design and layout fairly straighforward so there were not a lot of customizations that needed to be added on.

If your website is going to have more robust features, you may want to consider Premium WordPress themes and plugins. We’ve gathered together several of the very best WordPress theme designers for your review.