Blog Income

There are many who blog for fun and don’t expect to receive any type of sustainable income from it. But it sure is nice for those of us who have found a way to turn a hobby into a reliable income source. There are several ways you can start making money through your blog and our experts will help you along the way.

You hear terms thrown around the blog community like Affiliate Links, AdSense, E-Commerce, and SEO. But how do these strategies help result in steady income for your blog? This handy guide will help.


Once you’ve started creating some content for your blog and you’ve chosen your content management system and hosting provider, it’s time to start thinking about strategies to market your blog to new audiences. No matter which income-producing strategies you focus on, it will always be important to be always expanding your blog’s traffic and page views. Marketing online and through social media will help to expand your reach.

There are three primary ways to monetize your blog, with several other options down the road once you’ve developed audience recognition and a steady growth in traffic. But while you’re building your website and adding content, our experts recommend starting with these 3 methods for making money from your blog.

Google AdSense & Other Advertising Platforms

You may be aware that more than 30% of the annual revenue that Google brings in is through its AdWords program. Advertisers place AdWords ads based on keywords and Google’s network of Content Providers serves the ads to their readers. There are two main types of ads: “Cost Per Click” (CPC) and “Cost Per Thousand Impressions” (CPM). Under a CPC model, each time an ad is clicked, a fee is charged to the advertiser for the traffic generated through the clicked link. Each keyword has a different value depending on the advertising demand for that particular topic. With the CPM format, a fee is charged for every thousand times an ad appears on website, whether or not it is clicked.

Affiliate Programs and Referral Links

Even if you’ve never signed up as an affiliate for a company, chances are you’ve clicked on an affiliate link on a website and you may not have even known it. Affiliates earn commissions on qualifying revenue from referrals they deliver to online businesses. You may be surprised about how many affiliate programs there are out there. The key is to maintain an affiliate relationship with companies whose products align seamlessly with your blog. When the affiliate links are for trendy, useful products they can actually add to the experience of visiting a website. Too many affiliate links and it looks like you’re fishing for a commission and trust is lost. Finding that perfect balance how to incorporate affiliate links into your website will allow you start bringing in income.

Sell Digital Products through your E-Commerce store

There are numerous WordPress themes that are focused on E-Commerce. Whether you decide to sell a digital product or a tangible product or service, setting up an online shop on your blog can add an additional revenue source.

Digital products provide an attractive option for blog owners because you can deliver them online without the headaches of shipping and maintaining inventory. Some of the digital products you may want to consider selling on your blog include eBooks, online courses and workshops, images/music/video that can be used for other sites, and apps/plugins/themes to help others build websites.

Utilizing a combination of these methods will allow your website to develop multiple different revenue streams. Using effective marketing to increase website traffic will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of ad clicks and affiliate referrals.