Domain Names

Having your own domain name is an important part of developing the brand and marketing for your blog. You want your domain name to be recognizable, memorable, and as search friendly as possible. We’ve compiled a list of best practices when it comes to choosing your next domain name. The major search engines like Google and Bing have a list of guidelines to ensure your blog is featured as favorably as possible in searches.


Here are a few of the most frequent recommendations we hear from experts:

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name For Your Blog

  1. Make your domain name as short as possible. Studies have shown that short domains are easier to remember and are better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  2. Choose a domain name that’s easy to type. You want to reduce the risk of potential visitors mistyping your name.
  3. Keywords are your friend. Consider using one or two relevant keywords to help others understand your blog niche right away.
  4. Using hyphens/numbers/slang is generally a bad idea. As mentioned above, you want a unique name that can’t be mistaken for a different website. Having numbers or hyphens is going to inevitably leave open the possibility of someone visiting a different site when they are actually trying to visit yours.
  5. Use your location to your advantage. If you’re a local business trying to attract customers in your area, try adding cities or states to your domain name.
  6. Research your domain name to make sure that there aren’t other similar companies with the same name. Make sure you’re able to get the relevant social media accounts and registrations.
  7. Make sure the domain name extension is applicable to your subject matter. Of course .com is most popular by far, but after being around for so many years there are a limited number of quality .com domain names remaining in the registry.
  8. Find a way to make people REMEMBER your blog. Make it something unique, out of the box… a good domain name can set you apart from other websites in your space. is a recommended free tool for assisting with the processs of discovering new domain names. Using keywords and lists of things like Top 100 keywords or popular prefixes and suffixes, NameStation can help blog owners to quickly research the availability of hundreds of domain names at once.